Instructions for the Backgammon Set

To Set Up: Place your and your opponent’s checkers symmetrically on the board. 

To Play:
 The clear checkers will move clockwise to reach the top right part of the board (also called white inner board), while the black checkers move counterclockwise to reach the bottom right of the board (lavender inner board). Players are not allowed to move a checker backward. The game starts with each player throwing one die. The player with the highest number on his die makes the first move (therefore, a game cannot start with a double). The dice can be used to move the same checker or two different ones. From that point, the players are moving their checkers by playing one after the other.  A player can have as many checkers as they want on a specific point.It is not possible for a checker to land, or pass on a point already occupied by two or more of his opponent checkers.A lone checker on a point is called “a blot” and can be hit by his opponent.If a player rolls a double, they have to play 4 times.If there is a way to play a roll, it must be done even at the disadvantage of the player.When a checker is hit, it is put “on the bar” and has to start back on its opponent’s inner board.